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Main dogging sites and directions for Cambridgeshire, including major towns and cities: Cambridge, Peterborough, Wisbech, Ely, March, Whittlesey, Chatteris and Linton.

Splash Lane Castor. Take the slip road off the A47 (sign Castor/Ailsworth/Marholm). Head into Castor village, down hill " round bend. Splash Lane on left (Post for Recreation centre). Follow lane to end. You will find a dirt track with an area off to the right, nature trails, etc.
Grafham Water
Grafham Water is between Huntingdon and St. Neots, just off the A1 (near Buckden) and is an excellent site with lots of doggers in action. East car-park is couples dogging with voyeurs, and the West car-park is mostly gay action. However, sometimes gates on car-parks are locked at night.
Brampton Village, near Huntingdon - River Lane, nights only but plenty of couples, both in cars and on roadside.
Little Paxton
Little Paxton Nature Reserve car-park. Just off the A1 near St. Neots.
Magog Down
Magog Down car-park. Follow the A1307 to Haverhill from Cambridge, and after the Magog roundabout follow the road to Haverhill. Just before the hill take a right then first left. High banks make this excellent for afternoon and evening fun.
The old gravel pits at Mepal has started to become a good place to meet up and have a laugh. Getting better every week.
Ferry Meadows, Peterborough. Adjacent to the Nene Valley railway station off the A605 is a car-park and picnic area. Most action during the early evening.
Southey Woods, near Peterborough. Just off the A1. Afternoon and evenings are good, and it's quite a secluded area, with nooks and crannies to park in. Couples also go in the woods as well as in their cars.

Orton mere is now full of boy racers and patrolled regularly by the police anybody found parked there is subject to stop and search with all there detail being logged in the PNC

Southy woods is being locked up of a night time as it i now under new management

Castor has never been a dogging site it is too small and very near residential housing

Wansford in under surveillance as it is getting out of hand the police in peterborough have a unmarked car which is so inconspicuous(sp?) you want know they are there until it's to late and some of the truck drivers which use the place as starting to get feed up with the activities of one group of people

new road pit at end of new road, turn left over stile keep walking left through woods hang aboout.
coe lane godmanchester
very quite country lane no one around come off a14 from huntingdon at godmanchester turn left at round about then immediate left follow lane right down to dead end loads of well hung blokes only 1 single male goes very well hung
Down the village college drive,evenings only. I've seen a few cars down there with lights on or off and a few dog pics in windscreen, I haven't had the time to take a close look yet but it looks promising. Very quiet with large meadows/playing fields for outdoor summer fun.

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