Friday, 20 February 2009


Main dogging sites and directions for Hampshire, including major towns and cities: Winchester, Southampton, Portsmouth, Basingstoke and Newport.

Dogging action at Lime Pit Carparks. A30 towards Old Basing, first turning left after Basingstoke roundabout (about 100 yds). Go down narrow one way road. Two carparks on right although second car park is better for size and privacy. Lots of wooded and enclosed places to go and do the "business". Best time is at dusk. Look out for flashing interior lights.
New Forest
Verely and Verely Hill are very popular for doggin. From M27 go towards Ringwood. Turn left at Pickett Post and go towards Burley. First Car Park on left is Verely and a few yards past, on the right is the more screened Verely Hill. Please turn off your headlights so people don't think you're unaware of what is going on.
The Viewpoint (car-park), Portsdown Hill
A car-park opposite Fort Nelson which is the West end of the hill. Very interesting with frequent dogging action.
Avon Heath Country Park. Location at Little Chef roundabout on A31 (Ferndown to Ringwood road). Large car-park which gets very active when not full of Travellers staying there!
Also see Matchams View located above under Bournemouth.
Southampton Common. Turn into Cemetary road off the Winchester road. Large cul-de-sac with car park. Lots of action in the surrounding bushes and grass areas, with lots of action in cars also. Very heavy gay scene, but lots of dogging too. Any night (all night!!) but weekends better, even at 3 or 4 in the morning after the clubs kick out.
The main big lay-by on the A31 from winchester to Alsford, at the far end there's plenty of dogging there.

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